My commitment is to the optimal financial wellness of my clients and I have found from years of experience that the best way to deliver this is simply to:

  • Be very clear, authentic and transparent in all of our dealings.
  • Be first and foremost out for the best interest of you, my valued client.
  • recommend simple, yet highly effective mortgage solutions at the very best rates in market
  • be committed to the long term management of your mortgage by using highly effective and innovative proprietary tools and strategies



    Buying your first home is an exciting and extremely important life event. Being a first time home buyer means that you will have many decisions to make and lots of very important questions that need to be answered. My team specializes in working with first time home buyers.

    We will take the time to explore the different types of mortgages and best rate options. We’ll cover special options available to first time homebuyers such as the ability to withdraw money tax free from an RRSP and exemption from partial land transfer tax on a first home. We will discuss down payment options and what the right amount of down payment is for you to get the best deal possible while ensuring that you have enough money left after closing to deal with the expenses of owning your first home. Rest assured that all of your questions will be answered and your mortgage will be handed by professionals who will enhance the experience of buying your first home by taking away the stress and uncertainty of dealing with the best financing options.


    There are a myriad of reason why clients choose to refinance. Some examples are:

    • consolidating high interest debt to free up cash flow and/or save interest
    • to fund renovations or the purchase of another property
    • to borrow for investment purposes to leverage and create tax deductible debt
    • to break an existing high rate mortgage for a better interest rate
    • to fund education costs


    In dealing with a team led by a Certified Financial Planner specializing in mortgage lending with many years of banking experience, you’ll get the right advice and support to put you and your family on the right track. My team will consider your current situation along with current and longer term goals. We will help you look at your options from all available angles and come up with the best solution to meet your needs. The goal is always to improve the picture today while ensuring that the solution is consistent in allowing you to meet your longer term goals of tomorrow on the road to achieving financial wellness.


    Self-employed individuals continue to experience greater scrutiny in qualifying for mortgage financing. My team is very proud to be experts in the world of financing for the self-employed. Many of my clients are self-employed individuals who rely on myself and my team to help navigate the world of self-employed lending to find the right lenders and options to get a great mortgage. Hint: these lenders are these days often not Canada’s biggest and well known banks. Our lenders look at a combination of equity or down payment, credit history and reasonability of income based on occupation along with gross revenues. This is key as many self-employed clients don’t show the type net income to satisfy the “in the box” requirements of the big banks. We work for our client and not the lenders. If you are looking for a trust advisor and partner with a wealth of knowledge combined with a passion to help self-employed Canadians get the mortgage that they deserve, you have come to right place!!! Please reach out to me to discuss your current or upcoming financing needs.


    The main idea of the tax deductible mortgage is to convert non tax-deductible interest debt on your mortgage, in to a fully tax deductible investment loan. The following are the goals of any tax deductible mortgage strategy.

    • To create an annual tax deduction which can be used to lower the amount of tax that you pay the government
    • Pay off your non tax deductible mortgage sooner
    • Significantly increase your family’s net worth over the long term


    Creating a tax deductible mortgage is a rather sophisticated financial strategy which needs to be fully understood by the individual and often executed by a team of financial professionals which often include a mortgage planner, financial advisor and accountant. The benefits can be astounding but it is not a simple nor viable strategy for everyone. To explore this option further get in touch with me today. As an experienced Certified Financial Planner who specializes in mortgage solution, I offer the knowledge and expertise to determine if this is a strategy that is right for you. More important, I am committed to the financial wellness of my clients and passionate about helping my clients secure their financial future and execute such strategies.


    Whether shopping for a new home or looking to refinance existing debt, a less than perfect history of repayment on existing debts is a serious red flag for many lenders. When dealing with impaired credit there is nothing more important than ensuring that you are dealing with someone extremely knowledgeable about damaged credit, as well as capable and committed to:

    • Accessing as many lenders as necessary to ensure you get a good mortgage solution at a fair interest rate
    • Helping you understand why your credit has suffered and identify specifically what you can do to improve your credit rating
    • Help formulate a plan to repair your credit and improve available options over time

    Too many hard working Canadians get stuck dealing with sub-prime lenders or mortgage brokers only interested in getting you to sign a loan at the highest rate possible as quickly as possible with little regard for finding the best solutions and taking the time to set you on the right path. My team and I have in depth knowledge of the credit rating agencies. This includes knowing exactly how a credit score is determined, what factors carry the heaviest weighting and knowing what needs to be done the repair your credit. As a Certified Financial Planner specializing in mortgages with years of banking experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate and overcome bruised or damaged credit.


    Lending guidelines in the Canadian marketplace are often more stringent when purchasing an investment property, cottage or second home. When acquiring a second or third property, debt obligations on any other properties owned need to be taken in to consideration. Many lenders consider certain cottage properties to be a little less liquid with values more volatile than properties in major urban centres. When purchasing rental properties another issue is that many lenders traditionally only use 50% of the rental income being earned to help qualify while including 100% of all mortgage payments, property taxes and heating costs. How is that fair??? Policies vary vastly from lender to lender. Having my team shop around can open up a world of possibilities and help you get the mortgage that you want and deserve.


    When it comes to your mortgage renewal, the sooner you start looking at your options, the better. While your current lender will only send out renewal papers 30 – 60 days prior to closing, a mortgage planner can start booking rates for you a full 120 days prior to renewal date. That means you get a guarantee of the best rate within 4 months of renewal while still getting the benefit of any rate decreases. Statistics show that far too any Canadians simply sign and send their renewal papers back without questioning the rate or reviewing their options. A mortgage renewal is the perfect time to:

    • Review any outside debts you may have that may be worth consolidating at a better rate
    • Optimize your mortgage by making changes to your amortization schedule and payment frequency
    • Consider if there is a need to potentially use home equity for investments, a cottage or rental property
    • Review your long term financial goals to evaluate if your home equity can help you reach those goals
    • Consider how long you plan to live in your current home and significant events coming up to evaluate their impact on what type of mortgage may be best

    The bottom line is that at renewal time your mortgage is fully open to take some time to consider any options that you may have been considering. It’s the perfect time to take some time to ensure you are making the best long term choices with your mortgage as well as getting the best deal before signing on the dotted line.