4 Easy Steps to Home Ownership

Let’s build your mortgage solution today!

How a Mortgage Broker Can Simplify the home buying process.

Step 1Connect with a mortgage broker.  Connecting with a Mortgage broker is a great idea because they:

• Have access to over 50 banks and lending institutions

• Save you time by shopping around to get you the best products thus doing all the work for you

• Provide you with a mortgage solution that meets your needs

Step 2 • Select your Mortgage Solution: Mortgages are complex, your broker has the knowledge to inform you about:

• Open vs. closed mortgages

• Fixed vs. Variable Interest

• Amortization and term

• Payment amount and frequency

• Penalties & restrictions

• Additional products

Step 3 • Calculate your budget.  Are you trying to find out what you can afford? Your broker can help you:

• Finalize your down payment amount

• Use your RRSPs in your down payment

• Establish your purchase price and the total mortgage amount

• Learn tips and tricks to reduce the amount of interest you pay

• Consider closing costs, insurance, land transfer tax and legal fees

Step 4 • Purchase & Approval:  Time to buy! During this process your broker will:

Submit your mortgage application

•obtain your pre-approval

• Support your home purchase and mortgage finalization

• Submit all relevant documentation for approval

Let’s build your mortgage solution today!

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