3 Tips for Mortgage Renewal in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario

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Did you know that the maturity of your mortgage term is a huge moment of opportunity?

This is the only time in which you have freedom to make decisions about your mortgage without worrying about paying hefty penalties and to shop around to get the mortgage that you deserve! It’s important to choose the mortgage option that’s right for you. Here are 3 quick tips for making the most of the situation.

Tip 1: You Can Switch Lenders or Mortgage Brokers Without Penalty

Breaking your mortgage term often forces you to pay heavy penalties. Your mortgage renewal date is usually the only time that you won’t be penalized—so it’s the best moment to enlist the services of trust and reputable mortgage professional and have your best options thoroughly evaluated. If you are approaching this deadline, take this opportunity find the best rate and mortgage for you!

Tip 2: You Can Start Renovating or Investing

Got a home improvement project that you’ve been thinking about? Perhaps you want to purchase a cottage or another vacation property? Your renewal date is the ideal time to consider tapping into your home equity. This can also be used to consolidate debt or invest in other ways.

Tip 3: You Can Secure the Best Mortgage Rate in Advance

If you register your renewal date with me, I will contact you 120 day prior. This will allow you to lock in a better mortgage rate and continue to shop right up until maturity to get the absolute best deal available.

Contact me about the mortgage renewal options in this blog—or if you would like to register your renewal date

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